When Choosing a Gutter Contractor
for Cleaning, Installation, or Repair 

4 Must-Know Points  

1) Strong reputation and genuine concern for doing a thorough job cleaning gutters and downspouts
at a
reasonable price.

2) Trustworthiness and experience to do the job well and with an interest in reputation and durability instead of corner-cutting. 

3) A source that leaves a trail of very satisfied customers. (Real testimonials on website and more upon request).

4) Choose a full-service gutter company. Some businesses do a variety of household jobs, and gutters are just part of the mix. It's not the same level of expertise and long-lasting results.



 Bill came through with flying colors. The very next afternoon, he was at my door step, as promised.

 Bill did the most thorough gutter cleaning job I have ever seen. I could not believe how much gunk he removed from my clogged downspouts. He even removed a collection of twigs which were lodged in a particularly troublesome downspout.

                                  -G. Sparrow, St Louis MO


 Straight from Bill-

"My customers know they're important to me.

The GutterX name and reputation has been built over 30 years in the St Louis and St Charles areas.

That's one reason you can let go of any worry or concern you have about clean gutters when we talk. 

I invite you to call now, at 314 581 4131 and allow me prove it to you."


 We also do gutter cleaning for multi-residential

and commercial properties in

St Louis and St Charles MO. Power-washing too.

Call GutterX and consider your guttering problems solved. 314 581 4131

Are you considering a more permanent solution to cleaning?

GutterX has what many consider to be
the best and most affordable permanent gutter protection in the industry- LeafRelief.

 See image. 

Call Bill Feil at GutterX today at

314 581 4131

for a free estimate. (No text please.)

Or use the simple contact form.


Bill Feil at GutterX recently did both gutter repair and gutter cleaning at my home in Des Peres.  The quality of his work is second to none, he is easy to do business with, and his pricing is very reasonable.  I readily recommend GutterX to any and all of my neighbors and friends.  -C. Strebeck, Des Peres MO

GutterX is the type of company customers consider a "fin

With some companies, it's clear the commitment is to do nothing less than a job well done.

That's GuttterX.

 . . .
the peace of mind you made the right choice.

Did you know ? 

It's the outdoor plumbing system of your home. 

When any gutter isn't working, it can do as much damage as indoor plumbing problems.

Some examples . . . 

- F
oundation stress and compromise due to outside water pressure.

- Basement water damage.

- Damage from accumulating weight of water and wet debris.

- Roof rot, which happens over time where  standing water or wet leaves come into contact with wood. 

- Roof fascia and shingle damage from freezing water in the winter.

Important Tip! 

There are companies that include gutter services as one of the many things they do. Very often this equates to a disadvantage. 

A real pro is more likely to do professional work, and with more specialized experience.  This means the job is able to be cost-effective, and tend to save time, money and headaches down the road. 

Save time. Save Money. Save headaches. 
Get a specialist!

gutter protection weather conditions



Gutter Cleaning St Louis reminds you to have guttering  cleaned before the risk of greater damage increases.


Call this trusted Pro. You'll be glad you did.

Some companies clean the surfaces, but miss the clogs and debris that often get lodged further in downspouts. Choose a contractor that gets it ALL.

GutterX is well-qualified in rain gutter repair and related solutions that can address virtually any problem in a  cost-effective manner. 
                 Call 314 581 4131


GutterX was quick to respond to our call for a bid for new gutters. Of the two other companies that we called, one came out after we had to call a second time and the other never came.

They showed up promptly on the scheduled day to install. The new ones look great and the price was reasonable. We were very satisfied.
                   - Susan Hendrix, St. Louis 

On the left- Sometimes gutters need washing on the outside too.   

We're experienced in the world of power washing, and the benefits of this kind of maintenance that can make things look like new again.